I Stay Home

I want buffalo wings too.
But I stay home.
I want to get my haircut too.
But I stay home.
I want to go to the beach, swim, take my son to a baseball game.
But I stay home.
I want to take my bride out to a nice restaurant, have a drink at a fun bar, go dancing.
But I stay home.
I want to work and get paid too.
But I stay home.
I want to see my family.
But I stay home.
I want to do all the things we used to do.
But I stay home.
Not for me.
Because I want to flatten the curve.
I want to keep me and mine healthy, so we don’t get others sick.
I want to not require testing, so it can be saved for those who really need it. Because there aren’t enough.
I want to stay out of the hospitals, to give the overworked – overstressed – overtired – over IT heroes a break from one more person ignoring the warnings.
I want to see you.
In your home. Not in a hospital.
Laughing. Not on a ventilator.
Having a drink. Not fed through a tube.
So I stay home.

I Want To See It

I want to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I want to walk around it’s white marble and leaning arches and pretend like I’m holding it up with one hand. 

I want to see the Eiffel Tower.

I want to ride the elevator up and up and up into the sky while watching the City Of Light become smaller as I rise.

I want to see the Roman Colosseum. 

I want to walk where people once gathered to watch the spectacle of combat and imagine the Naumachiawhere the Colosseum would be flooded and naval battles held. 

I want to swim in the cerulean waters of Santorini

I want to feel the cool waters all around me and watch the white and blue and pink palette of colors on the buildings bob onshore. 

I want to see the world. 

Hear its natural sounds in the jungles and mountains. Hear the sound of a toucan call, an elephant in the distance, the crack of a glacier. 

I want to eat in cafés. 

I want to look at a menu and not know what any of it means. Then order something and enjoy the new flavors and aromas and leave not knowing what I even ate. 

I want to meet new people. 

I want to walk down a new street looking for, nothing. Then meet a local who can point me in the right direction. 

I want to learn new words. 

Food words. Swear words. Words that I can use. Some I probably shouldn’t. Words to describe the sunset. Words to say Hello/Goodbye/Thank you for letting me visit. 

I want to do all of these and more. 

But what I want to see the most, right now, is for all of us to remember to take care of each other.

To Stay Home.

             Wash our hands.

                  Wear a mask.

                     Stay 6 feet apart.

Until this, all of this, gets better. So we can see it all together.