You know the feeling.

Your eyes are itch, watery, droopy. You can’t keep them open. You’re hands are tingling and are starting to feel like bricks. Your breath becomes labored. You’re having trouble concentrating.

You’re tired.

But you’re also an Actor. There’s a performance to do. People are expecting you to be on your game. They’re paying you, so you better come through.

So how do you push past ‘Tired’ and get the job done?

You remember two simple things. You’re a Professional, and you frickin’ LOVE this!

I mean, how awesome is it to know what your dream is and actually live it? Not everyone can say they get to do it. But you do. If you’re lucky enough to be working.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are other ways to get past tired. The one’s I most recommend are:

  1. Naps. They work. Especially if you take a short 30 minutes or so while rocking some Binaural beats.
  2. Exercise. You know it works. Your breathing gets better, your head clears, you start to look sexier.
  3. Meditation. You don’t have to go full Buddha, if you don’t want to, but just sitting and focusing on your breathing will definitely help you become more mindful. Which will help you focus on the performance ahead.

Ultimately though, even if you’re tired, if you remember that you absolutely love being an Actor, no amount of tired will keep you from doing it.

Because it will sustain you, feed you, energize you. It will strengthen you and give you peace and joy.

Then you can take a nap.

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