When there is nothing to do.


When there is too much to do.


When you have nothing better.


Like an old advertising slogan that struck a chord, then became a punchline, then more,

” Just Do It.”

Pick up the pen and write something. Anything.

Put words to the page and let them suck. Let them speak for themselves. Get them out of your head and smear them all over the clean white page like a finger-painting toddler.

Get dirty. Get wordy. Get busy and flirty.

Tease them out of you. Entice the syllables from your cerebrum, cerebellum, limbic and compose them in iambic.

Put the pen in your hand, put your fingers to the keyboard, open the page and your mind and projectile vomit the letters into sentences and paragraphs and make a story. Your story.

When the Fit hits the Shan, that’s the best time to write crap.



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