I’m at 17 percent power and it’s running low fast.

So I’m writing this get something down because I don’t think my thoughts will last.

I have to type quickly and rapidly and get the words out.

Because if I don’t then I may run in to a drought…

Where words and flow aren’t rolling anymore.

So before the juice runs out I have to play this game of Word Twister just one time more.

So here goes nothing and nothing is what I fear.

That nothing will become of what I hold most dear.

So words must be typed because the power is now at 10 percent.

Feelings are running fast so on this page I gotta vent.

About this and that and what may happen.

About thoughts and dreams and rhymes typed out as my fingers keep tappin’.

And I just noticed that I keep adding a period and maybe more punctuation,

But I don’t have time for that because I can’t stop to reload at some kind of power station.

So here goes words when words will flow and rhymes will follow with prayers I hope but there’s no time to write or reason or when there’s just a few more words I’ll be able to squeeze in and Yes this is a run on sentence and Yes I’m still going but it’s speed I’m dependent and maybe the rhymes are failing and after I reread this I’ll be wailing and ailing in my stomach and throat and wish I had dropped it….

But the power is gone and fate has simply

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