Some times, you write for others.

You work in a company, you write their stuff. Brochures, copy, ads, memos. You work for another person, you write for them. Social media, speeches, Happy Mother’s Day cards to their wives.

But some times, you write for yourself. Because that’s when the creativity and magic happens. Although, according to The Witcher, the latest binge-worthy show on Netflix, “it’s just magic. It isn’t real.”

But the magic of writing is real. It’s sometimes dark and evil. Because you feel like tearing your hair out and cursing the entire written language and forever banishing speech from your mouth. Other times, you enjoy the light of it. The love of it and how it can make you fly, dance, laugh, cry and feel things you never felt before.

Some times, it’s a mixture of both.

But it’s the time you take to actually write for yourself, your words, your thoughts, your ideas, that truly matters. That’s where the magic really is. Because if you write for hours on end, or even a few minutes, like it’s taken me to write this down, it’s all happening for you.

So don’t worry if you have to write for someone else. Do it.

But remember, there is always time to write for yourself. Do that too.


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