There is this little sign we have on our desk at home. Not too big at all. It’s just the right size. I tried to guess how big, or small it is, but I just used my phone to measure it, because we don’t have a tape measure. Kind of a cool feature to have on a phone. Turns out, this little sign is about 5 1/2″ x 3″ in size. It’s made out of wood, not sure what kind. It isn’t heavy. It’s painted white on the face and sides, but not the back. Not sure why, but I guess it isn’t noticeable, seeing as how I just noticed it isn’t painted back there. It has black lettering on it. Not calligraphy, but some kind of handwriting. All of the letters are lowercased, which probably would have driven my handwriting teachers nuts.

This little sign was sent to my bride some time ago. A very good friend of hers sent it to help get a short, but important, meaning across. Something she needed to hear, or read, at the time. It came at the perfect time in her life. Good friends have a tendency to come through to you at just the right time.

Now, this little sign sits near the corner of our desk with its message. Giving me something I get to read every day. A short, but important, message a short glance away from this screen I’m looking at right now. A short, but important, message to remind me when I get in doubt of what I’m doing, or writing, or creating, or trying to create. A short, but important message, when I get a rejection email, or read something unsettling on social media, or when I need to self-tape and I think I just don’t have “it”.

A short, but important message.

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