pexels-photo-38196.jpegThat was fast. 2017 just happened and now it’s 2018. The problem isn’t that the years keep coming and going.

The problem is that it seemed like it happened. Like I didn’t have something to contribute in the year. Or that I didn’t participate.

I wanted to become an Actor for lots of reasons. But mostly it was to feel a part of something. Because when you’re in a play, you’re part of something.

When you’re in a movie, or television show, you’re part of something. Every acting job is a part of a bigger whole. Because there are loads and loads of professional creatives working to all make something. You’re never alone. You’re a part of something bigger than yourself.

2017 felt like I was alone. Like the year just happened. What’s worse, is that I believe in my heart that I just let it happen. I hate that feeling.

So now that 2018 is here, I am making the choice to step out and be a part of something. To make stuff. To be creative and enjoy this year, despite the challenges and set-backs that are absolutely going  to happen.

It’s time to create. It’s time to make stuff. It’s time to share the creative and joyful parts of being an Actor and a creative.

This blog and these pages are a small part of that step. Because 2017 was the last year I let happen to me. I’m going to be an active part of my journey. I hope you will be an active part of yours. Let’s make stuff.

“Life is short. Do stuff that matters.”  – Siqi Chen

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