Have you seen those commercials that show that?

Since when are Actors not real people? I’m real. I breathe, wish and hope. I have feelings and desires. I drive cars and eat at restaurants like those people in those commercials.

From Chevrolet to ointment commercials have been using this marketing tactic since commercials were invented.

One of the originals and most entertaining was when Steve Allen, the coolest, jazziest, and nerdiest comedians introduced his “Man On The Street” segment to his show. It was funny. It was new. It was something that made people think they were watching “real” happen right in front of their eyes. Sure, Steve Allen was a master at improv. But he had training.

Another would be all the “reality” shows that are out there. So many of them have acknowledged that they’re not as “real” as people think they are.

And, Yes, even some of the folks in those Chevy commercials have left their non-disclosure agreements behind and admitted that things in those commercials aren’t as “real” as they seem.

The thing is, Actors aren’t something that marketing companies and the general public should be worried about. When was the last time you didn’t buy something in a commercial just because it was an Actor pitching it?

So to all the marketing companies out there I say, Actors are real people too. Stop treating us like we’re not. We can sell your product just as good, if not better, than all those fake commercials. And we can make it more memorable.

Don’t believe me? Just check out Zebra Corner and this video. I’ll remember this one for a long time.




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