I thought FOR SURE I was going to get cast.

I would’ve bet my life on it. Hell! I would have bet my quote on it. If I had a quote.

I believed with every fiber of my being that the role I was auditioning for was all mine. There was no other option. No one in the whole world, much less the Acting world, could bring what I could to the role. So Go home everyone else, because I got this.

Then I didn’t. pexels-photo-747114.jpeg

I wasn’t called and offered the role. I wasn’t called in for a Call Back. I wasn’t even called and told, “Hey, so, yeah. We saw your audition and all but, yeah, you suck and everything. We hated everything you did and we hope that you weren’t being serious about calling that acting.”

Actually, I’m kinda glad that they didn’t call and say that. That would’ve burned a little.

So what now? I didn’t get the role I thought I had. That’s happened before. And I didn’t die.

I didn’t get to travel and be in a show. That’s happened before. I would’ve missed home.

I didn’t get to post on my Social Media channels that I #bookedit. Oh well. I’ll just post another food pic. #anactoreats.


The thing of it is, it’s okay. Because it has happened before. But it has also happened that I did get the role I thought I was perfect for. So I’ve been on every side of it.

There will always be another “perfect” role. Every role is. It’s a choice on how you look at it. Especially when you don’t get it.

The choice isn’t easy and it’s not fun. It’s not something that most people in this business will tell you to do. Because this is a dog eat dog world and someone’s gonna get bit.

But it’s helped me enjoy this business for so long and keep moving forward in it.

You ready for it? Here it is. I choose to support the actor who got the role.

The HELL you say!” 

No, really. I do. Because when I give support, positivity and love to a fellow actor, I am living my Perfect Role.

I dare you to try it. The next time you don’t get the role, and it will happen, every part of you will want to smite the actor who got it with all the Fire and Brimstone and fuuuurious anger you can muster. You’ll think you’re perfect. You’ll think that you deserved it more. You’ll know there could not be anyone better for the role. Ever. But you’ll be wrong. And that’s okay.  Go see the movie. Go to the show. Go and support the project. Because one day you will be in that role someone else thought they were perfect for.

Be the support you want to have.

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