Baseball players get home runs.

But they also strike out.

Babe Ruth, The Great Bambino himself, did it 1,330 times.

Football players get touchdowns.

But they also drop the ball.

Brett Favre was the first NFL quarterback to pass for 500 touchdowns. But he also fumbled the ball almost 200 hundred times.

Miles Davis is arguably the best jazz trumpet player of all time, and probably best remembered for his masterpiece “Kind of Blue.”

But he also recorded and played on dozens of records that no one, except maybe a Jazz historian, could tell you the names of.

The point is, that despite the glory, the accolades and awards that come with the victories of what these people accomplished, all of them did what a lot of us fail to do.

Show Up and Play.

They did what they loved to do, over and over and didn’t let the failures get in their way.

We think it comes so easy to them because we see the highlights. The finished product.

The feet measured as the ball flies out of the ballpark.

The end zone dance. (If you haven’t seen The Ickey Shuffle, you haven’t lived.)

We see the awards show where they’re having their photos taken on the red carpet.

Or when they’re promoting their new book on a TV show with the “Now A Major Motion Picture” sticker on it.

We see the end of it. Not the work that went in to making it.

The hours spent in the batting cages. The years of two-a-days.

We never see the countless failures, bad first drafts and pieces of crap that came before.

There is always a “Before”.

Forget about the “After”.

Show up and play.

Strike out. Drop the ball. Make terrible work.

Show up and play.

Get out of your head. Paint the piece. Write the story. Sing the song. Take the photograph.

You don’t need permission. You never did.

Show up and play.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Relish and learn from it.

Show up and play.

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” – Michael Jordan

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