You’re scared. 

It’s okay. It can push you.

You’re worried. 

That’s okay. It can move you in the right direction.

You feel foolish. 

That’s good. You’re probably doing it right.

If you’re doing this for the right reasons, then you can get through anything that comes.

Because even though it’s hard.

You look forward to the push. You can push back harder. 

Even though you don’t know where the next opportunity, or job, will come.

You will still fight and struggle and prepare because you know it will.

Even though there may be criticism, judgement, laughter for what you are trying to accomplish.

You know this is what you need. 

Because it’s not work. It’s not for everybody. It’s not for them.

It’s Play.

It’s Love. 

It’s an Actor’s Life. 


“Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.”  

– Don Miguel Ruiz



One thought on “It’s Not For Everybody

  1. Yes! We do it ( in my case Music) because we have to . It is our hearts calling and we would wither up without it. 💜💙💚 you. Keep on.


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