Being an Actor is… interesting.

We live in a cycle.

We want the job.

We get the job.

We’re glad we got the job.

We rehearse.

We feel like we’re not good enough for the job.

Someone tells us we’re great for the job.

We feel better about the job.

We love the job.

Job ends.


We’re Creative. We’re constantly thinking, “I could’ve done that better.”

Art is never perfect. It’s never finished. There’s always something that could’ve been added, taken away, rewritten, painted over or adjusted in some way. It drives us a bit bonkers to think this way. But we’re Artists. It’s what makes us so darn lovable.

What’s important to remember in the cycle, is it’s perpetually in motion. Things in motion, will always keep moving. Totally not the right quote, but you get the idea.

Give it time. Something will click. Something will fall in to place. You will find your flow state. You always do.

That funky feeling that everyone in the room is amazing, and you’re Ringo? That will pass. It always will. As long as you stay in motion.

So keep moving. Make Stuff.





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