It’s really, really, frickin’ hard being an Actor.

That’s something most people won’t tell you. Teachers, Coaches, Managers, Agents, Your Mom.

They won’t say it, because… Well, they have their reasons. Some are based on finances. They want to get paid.  Some based on love. They are your biggest fans and believe in you. But they’re not really going to tell you if you suck. They’ll just tell you that you’re great and no one is better than their sweet-darling.  Some are more devious, because they want to see you fail as they did. These people deserve to have a personal “Fade to Black”, like permanent.

It’s difficult because you have to want to live in a state of some kind of fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of judgement. Fear of financial failure. Fear of Fear itself.

But there has to be a bigger reason you want to do this than personal. Something bigger than Fear. It can’t be about you. Because if it’s only about what you want, you won’t last past the Title Card in your own story.

When you find out what your “Why” is, you’ll be unstoppable. Because, like all the great stories from all those great movies, or t.v. shows you grew up watching that made you want to do this, you’ll find your own personal Hero’s Journey.  Your own story. Your own fight.

And when the End Credits roll, your story will live on. Because others will want to make it their story too.


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