Ernest Hemingway once wrote,

Write drunk, edit sober.” 

Problem is, according to several sources, including his daughter Mariel, he never said that. He didn’t even practice it, according to the same sources.

Jack Kerouac was said to have written one of the greatest American novels ever, one that is loved and read, reread and regarded as inspiration to countless writers, On The Road in a three week nonstop Benzadrine, alcohol and caffeine infused jam-session of words and furious spontaneous bop-prose atop an Underwood. Letting the inspiration flow through him like divine elightenment from Buddha’s blessed touch and onto a single, 120 foot long scroll.

In just 20 days.

20 days.

The only thing is,  Kerouac was said to be a supreme craftsman. Taking time to think about, journal, write and rewrite his works over time.

So which way is the right way to write?

Drink a little, or a lot, or none at all?

The answer is not what most folks who want to be Writers like to hear.

“If you want to be a Writer, just write. There’s no magic to it.” – Albert Brooks 



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