It started like any other morning.

Aches and pains, grinding popping joints struggling to rise from the sanctuary of the bed and embracing covers. Bed head atop squinty-eyed mattress damaged face. Trying not to breathe out too much to melt the paint from the walls from morning dragon breath.

The chirping alarm rang from the smart-phone on the side table after the third, no – Fourth, snooze attempt. Finally there was surrender. The phone won the battle.

After the process of the “3 S’s”, the day was moving along. But there was one more goal, one more thing to get before anything else could be done today.


The black and silver coffee machine percolated and bubbled and released the elixir of life and sanity. Filling the mug with the insurance companies logo on it. The one no-one remembers where it came from or how it go into the cupboard. But it was no matter, it was the best mug. Deep and wide and filled to the brim with the dark liquid of promise.

It was hot. It was good.

Empty cup in the sink beside empty dish, breakfast was done. Consciousness was back.

Outfit chosen, hair combed, teeth brushed, shoelaces tied, last second check – keys/wallet/phone.

Deep breath in and the front door was opened.

Then the memory came.

Stay At Home.






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