I was going to take some time today
To write of many things
I opened my notebook and flipped through ink marked pages 
unable to find a fresh landscape
from beginning to end
and in one breath of in and out
I put it back on my little shelf
and I almost gave up

So I went to my tablet and swiped to my app
Excited to grab my pencil and scribble my virtual words
on virtual paper 
and save it all in the unseen cloud of 1's and 0's
But it needed an update
So I waited
and while the little blue line filled
I played a game
or two, okay, maybe three
and then a warning
The tablet was dying and so were my hopes
Back it went
on the desk 
connected to its umbilical cord of energy
and I almost gave up

One more try
One more way
One more thought
I pinched the little plastic slider on my backpack zipper between thumb and forefinger
Pulled it open and reached inside to the thin pocket in the back 
Grabbed a fistful of metal and pulled out my last chance
I held my computer like it held the life giving water to make a wise choice
Now it's happening 
"Get ready words because the faucet is opening and you are about to flow!" 
I walked to my chair
Sat comfortably near the open window
Placed my right thumb in the little groove and pulled the lid open on potential
Excited to finally get some words out
The screen was lit
So was I 
But not like that
I was beaming
One step closer I got 
and just to be sure I wouldn't get interrupted
Checked the battery level
I'm good
It's full
Click, Click here
Click, Click there
The app was opening
It is finally happening
Until I was told, in letters so bold
My password was 
I tried again. 
I tried another. 
But that's not possible.
That's not fair.
One more chance at salvation.
Forgot Password. 
Now I'm waiting
for the reset.
and I almost gave up. 

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