“Woman is sacred; the woman one loves is holy.” – The Count of Monte Cristo

"Ooo, Baby Baby"
She sang to me as I held her close.
Feeling the glide of her hips against mine.
Dancing as one in the Teatro of Estrellas.
Two lovers bound together in holy oldies but goodies
Nowhere to be,
Nadie to see.
Just whispering sweet deseos in each others ears,
Corazones beating the 1,
Breath filling in the rest.
My bride and me.
As the platter spins at 45 rpms
On a regular Sunday in the Chapel of Love,
She's mine,
I'm hers.
Besando like a couple of newlyweds
On their Luna de miel.
Sour caras from the kids
Because we've been doing this over 23 años
And they might be at the end of their rope.
Pero right now
She and me
At 89 bpm
She's got me, man
I'm her baby, baby.

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