It’s crazy being in this pandemic. Having to stay indoors with only limited trips outside.

It’s also been weird, to go from working as an Actor all year, to not working at all as an Actor in a whole year.

So although I was hoping for it, praying for it, writing about it in my Morning Pages, I wasn’t totally prepared for getting a call about an opportunity to be in a show. Actual employment? As an Actor? This year?!?

Under normal circumstances, B.C.-19, I would’ve jumped at the chance to be in another show. I probably would have said, “YES!” right away. I mean, I would also take a minute and ask some general questions. What’s the schedule? What about housing? Comps availability. You know, Actor things.

But my reaction when the phone rang and I heard about the offer, was delayed. Because as much as I want to work, as much as I want to jump at every opportunity, things are different now. There is a lot more to think of. More than just a role or a chance to get on a stage and do the work. We have to weigh the pros and cons because they’re heavier now. Because not only do I want to take care of the safety and health of my family, I want to take care of the safety and health of others. So things need to be thought of carefully. Calculated.

Fortunately, the offer is from a great theater and company and I know they will take all the precautions. But there is still that little bit of me that asks, “What if?” That’s the part that worries me. And it’s weird to ask that question. Because that wasn’t there before. Ever.

But I said, “Yes”. Minus the exclamation point and all caps. Because we still have to play it cool. But it’s still weird to think of leaving the sanctum and being around people again. Even for a little while. But the show must go on, life finds a way, to be or not to be. So I’ll see you on stage.

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