Second Two Show Day of American Mariachi at South Coast Repertory.

Sitting on the corner of Bristol and Sunflower, EarPods in my ears while a playlist of Classical Piano Essentials becomes the soundtrack to the morning traffic. Cup of Sunday coffee within reach. Cool breeze from the ocean flowing.

Two shows to come and nothing but gratitude and exhaustion running through my heart and body. Feeling the joy of making music with an orchestra of master performers. Feeling grateful for each stitch of fabric in the costumes I wear. Feeling exhausted from the heavy seconds and minutes and hours that rolled by with rehearsals in the dark of the theatre.

Now, another week will go by and two more shows will be done. Two more opportunities to tell this story to a community that doesn’t even know it needs the catharsis of its message. Two more chances to tell a truth. Two more chances to play.

I am so grateful for this show, this moment, this music, these two show days.

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