I did a show, years back, and met a lot of people. I was young and full of ganas. I met a guy, who had the role I actually wanted, and I was a bit jealous of him.

But we became friends. Years later, we still know each other. We’ve done several shows together. He even recommended me for a role on a T.V. show he was on. I got to do that show and had a great time.

Another time, I did another show. I met a guy, I meet a lot of people, and he was cast in the role(s) I helped originate in the show. A part of my brain was jealous, even started comparing what I did to what he was doing. You’ve done it too, don’t lie. As time went on and rehearsals became performances, we talked and laughed and he found out I want to play a Firefighter someday.

He said he was happy to know that, because that opportunity will come up someday and he will be there to help make it happen. More importantly, I found out we had a great connection and I gained a great friend.

The point is, I could’ve played the typical Actor and pretended I had it “all figured out”. That I didn’t need anyone’s help and I didn’t need to make friends. I would have been so wrong.

Don’t waste time in this business not making friends. I don’t mean, and this is important, friends you can use. I mean friends that matter. Friends that make you better.

I’ve been able to help some friends I’ve met in this business. Recommended them for jobs, or put them in touch with other creatives who they should know. I know they will continue to help me. Because that’s what friends do. They celebrate each other’s success.

Find some friends and celebrate this great business we’re in. Because it’s too much fun to enjoy it alone.

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